Frequently Asked Questions

why should I choose Xtreem Invent International?

Xtreem invent international is a team of professionals and we are serving the Medical Industry for the last couple of decades. our first priority is our client. We have the best quality instruments at a competitive price and our best quality products meet the level of excellence. Xtreem invent has been working with a large number of international clients and they trust us because we never let our clients down.

Which products are available?

We have a wide range of products for our clients and most of the products are available in our stock. The list of product categories is given below. also, these products can be delivered to your country within 60 days of placing an order.
Orthopedic Instruments, General Surgery Instruments, Orthopedic Implants, ENT instruments, Dental Instruments, Arthroscopic Instruments, Cranio Maxillofacial Instruments
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You can make customized instruments?

Xtreem Invent international also offers custom manufacturing of any instrument. Our technical team is capable of providing you with the exact product you need. according to your specific design and requirements, we will deliver you the exact products. We also welcome the inquiry of instruments or tools that are not displayed or shown in our product catalog

What should I do if I am not completely satisfied with a product or service?

We have a trained and professional support team. If you have any problems regarding the quality of our product contact our support team. they will solve your problem within two working days. Our main priority is our clients. because we always considered our clients as a family. we always prefer our clients first because we want a long-term relationship with them.

what is your payment terms?

Customers need to pay 50% as an advanced payment for the placement of the order and the remaining amount of the order should be clear before the delivery date. If the remaining bill is not clear. The order will not deliver & it remains as the property of Xtreem Invent International.

What are your prices and other charges?

The prices at our Alibaba store remains the same for one year, but next year prices should be different according to the prices of the steel in the international market
Freight and shipping charges are different according to the region.